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Concert Band Music

Our Concert Band music consists of compositions and arrangements for Beginner to Advance ensembles. In our band music collection we have the Six Notes Series for beginner groups, music compositions that reflect the culture and history of Canada and music for Christmas and Remembrance Day. We can customize music in the catalogue to suit the instrumentation of your group.

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Acme Overture - by Ron MacKay 
The name of this piece was taken from the name “ACME” representing a manufacturing company on the TV Coyote and Road Runner show. A great “First Overture” piece. Clarinet parts are below the break. All instrument ranges are with in the ability of a first year band. 
Level 6 Score Sample Listen $55.00
A Walk In The Summer Sunset - by Ron Mackay 
This leisurely melody emphasis the use of legato playing and working with dynamic markings pp to ff. In Bb Concert, Andante, rhythms - quarter and eighth note.  
Level 6 Score Sample   $55.00
Big Six March - by Ron MacKay
A great piece to introduce March style and syncopation to your beginning band.
Level 6 Score Sample border="0" $55.00
Blow Out March - By Ron Mackay 
This blues rock like march would be a great addition to your concert program. Woodwinds and low brass trade melody in the beginning with a strong drum beat. Beginning Band
Level 6 Score Sample border="0" $55.00
Chilli Cha, Cha, Cha - by Ron MacKay
Learn the Cha Cha with this fun and entertaining piece for all ages. The bass line has been reinforced throughout and supplementary bass parts have been provided for bands with limited instrumentation.           
Level 6 Score Sample border="0" $55.00
First Concert Finale
Arranged by Ron MacKay. This arrangement of “First Songs” is set up to add a little more “flare” to your first concert with “Au Clare de la Looney”, “Merrily We Roll...Along” and “Really Hot Cross Buns”!! Songs are harmonized, but do not require any new notes or fingerings. This piece can be played as individual pieces or joined together for one “Big” number.        
Level 6 Score Sample  $50.00
Happy Day March - by Ron MacKay
A traditional march with a happy go lucky melody and feel. Good for introducing eighth note rhythms and march style.
Level 6 Score Sample border="0" $55.00
Silly Salsa - by Ron MacKay
An entertaining latin piece to introduce your band to the Salsa beat and rhythms. The bass line has been reinforced throughout and supplementary bass parts have been provided for bands with limited instrumentation. Great for small groups.                                           
Level 6 Score Sample border="0" $55.00
Silly Samba - by Ron MacKay 
“TOP SELLER” Percussion feature. Fun and easy samba melody. Has been our most popular piece being performed across Canada. Bass line has been reinforced throughout and supplementary bass parts have been provided for bands with limited instrumentation. 
Level 6 Score Sample border="0" $55.00
Arranged by Ron Mackay.  A Liberian Folk/Christmas Song, Begins with “Banuwa” and then interludes to song, “Alano, nehni alano”, meaning Don’t Cry Pretty Girl, then a return to the theme Banuwa, followed by answering fragments of the two themes, fading into a strong ending. The Percussion parts are simple but extremely important. 
1 Score Sample  $55.00
Christmastime March for Concert Band
Arranged by Ron MacKay. An easy march featuring Deck the Halls and O Christmas Tree. Great for beginning bands. 
1 Score Sample  $50.00
Christmas Time for Young Band
Arranged by Ron MacKay. A fun medley of Christmas songs for beginner band. Features Good King Wenceslas, Silent Night and the ever popular Jingle Bells.
1 Score Sample  $50.00
Little Drummer Boy for Young Band
Arranged by Ron Mackay A simple full sounding version of this Christmas favourite for beginner band. Starts with solo drum followed by a soft legato passage from the low brass and finally the melody from the clarinets and flutes. Slowly builds, then fades out to solo drum.
1 Score Sample  $50.00
O Come All Ye Faithful for Concert Band
Arranged by Ron MacKay - an easy, full sounding arrangement of this traditional Christmas Carol for Young beginning band.
1 Score Sample  $50.00
Ode to Joy - by Beethoven
Arranged by Ron MacKay. Full band version arranged with harmony and bass line for beginner band, great for a first concert piece.               
1 Score Sample  $50.00
Arranged by Ron MacKay. Pronounced U-Ku-Too-LA, is a South African Folk Song meaning Peace. Features the percussion section marimbas (Bells) maracas, cowbell, single Tom and Bass drum which are essential. Also includes snare drum and conga parts.           
1 Score Sample  $55.00
Angels We Have Heard On High for Concert Band
Arranged by Ron MacKay A traditional Christmas Carol for young band. Clarinets written below the break and can be played with limited instrumentation.
1.5 Score Sample  $50.00
Band Room Boogie - by Ron MacKay 
Learn the Blues!! A fun way to introduce the blues and improvisation to your band. Choreography options for brass, with electric bass, piano and optional drum set parts provided.                    
1.5 Score Sample  $55.00
Arranged by Ron MacKay. All your favourite Hockey chants wrapped up in an entertaining piece Hockey Lover’s will enjoy! Features the Hockey Night in Canada theme, We will Rock You, and Mad Dog Charge.
1.5 Score Sample  $55.00

I Feel Good - James Brown
Arranged by Karen MacKay.  Get your Funk on with this fun, simplified arrangement of one of James Brown’s most popular songs. Includes drum set and electric bass part. 

1.5 Score Sample border="0" $55.00
Just Another Song & Dance - by Ron MacKay
Variations on a simple quarter note melody. The “Song” - begins Andante with the melody shared between the woodwinds and brass. The “Dance ” is in cut time and is up tempo with a call and answer between the woodwinds and brass, with a Hoe Down hand clapping ending.  
1.5 Score Sample  $55.00
Noodles - by Ron Mackay
Tempo “el dente” indicates just how well you want your “Noodles” done. This piece is written to help your clarinets develop their left hand position with some support from the band having their share of noodles too. You can share this feast of “NOODLES” with the audience at your next concert.
1.5 Score Sample  $55.00
O Canada - by Calixa Lavalee -
Arranged by Ron MacKay.  A full sounding version of O Canada in Eb for young bands to perform at school assemblies, special occasions and concerts. Clarinets below the brake.
1.5 Score Sample  $55.00
Oh When The Saints Go Marching In
Arranged by Karen MacKay. Begins with percussion solo, played with a moderate swing feel or fast (cut time) March tempo. Can be performed with limited instrumentation as the melody and bass parts are doubled by other instruments. Work Out Sheet is provided to assist in introducing music terms - accent, staccato, mezzo forte, forte and crescendo, a counting and swing style.
1.5 Score Sample border="0" $55.00
Pomp and Circumstance - Elgar
Arranged by Ron Mackay. A simplified version for junior high band of this popular piece that can be easily put together for your Graduation Ceremony. 
1.5 Score Sample  $50.00
Spook Session -  by Ron MacKay
Tempo A’ la Creepy. The sounds of screams and skeletons bones shaking!!! This fun piece in C minor with a blues like bass line is great for a Halloween concert or just for fun! Dynamics and fun scary sound effects throughout.   
1.5 Score Sample border="0" $55.00
Surprise Surprise by Franz Joseph Haydn
Arranged by Ron MacKay. Based on the Surprise Symphony, begins in traditional style then to a swing feel. An entertaining version of this classic piece for young band.
1.5 Score Sample  $55.00
The Hills & Glens
Arranged by Ron MacKay. A beautiful Gaelic Ballad from Scotland and lyrics by Helen Creighton. Arranged for young band with emphasis on listening, tone, balance, breathing and phrasing. Written in C minor.
1.5 Score Sample border="0" $60.00
Tuning Warm Up and Chorale 101 by J.S. Bach
Arranged by Ron MacKay. Tuning and proper warm up are essential in learning discipline and development of your band. This piece comes with tuning exercises and a beautiful Bach Chorale that will aid in developing tone, balance and intonation.
1.5 Score Sample  $55.00

Valley Overture - by Ron Mackay
Written for the Valley Youth Band of Colchester County, N.S. to commemorate their 20th anniversary in 1996.

1.5 Score Sample  $55.00
We Rest On Thee - Theme from Finlandia by Jean Sibelius
Arranged by Ron MacKay This beautiful theme begins with a Flute solo, cues in Alto Sax and Trumpet parts. Adagio Sostenuto, pianissimo slowly building to a moving ending.
1.5 Score Sample  $55.00
Utility Pack #2 - Celebration arranged by Ron MacKay
Familiar songs for celebrations written for young band includes- Happy Birthday, Auld Lang Syne and For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow. Can be played with limited instrumentation
1.5 Score Sample  $50.00
What Time is it Anyway? By Ron MacKay
A study in learning changing meters  2/4 - 3/4 - 4/4 becomes easy with a swing ostinato on ride cymbal and tempo blocks to represent a clock ticking to keep it all together. Large numbers are printed above each time signature to help the student count. 
1.5 Score Sample Listen $55.00
Amazing Grace - by Arranged by Ron MacKay. 
A popular hymn that can be used for special occasions such as Remembrance Day ceremonies. Arranged to be performed a number of ways: with full band, as a solo for flute, oboe, trumpet, alto sax or baritone or as a woodwind or brass choir. 
2 Score Sample  $55.00
A Praire Scene by Ron Mackay
This piece is written to depict a day  on the Prairies in Rural Canada. 
2 Score Sample  $60.00
Cape Breton Lullaby - by Kenneth Leslie, arranged by Ron Mackay.
A sweet Nova Scotia Folk Song in 3/4 time. Features the woodwind section.
2 Score Sample  $60.00
Cape Blomidon Overture - by Ron MacKay
This overture was written for the “Hayden Band” , the Junior Band level of the Acadia University Summer Band Camp. In Wolfville, N.S. This piece offers contrasting, interesting and challenging material for students at this level. It was dedicated to this band in 1999 for their willingness to learn and enjoy music. Cape Blomidon is a high cliff over looking the Bay of Fundy located near The town of Wolfville, N.S.
2 Score Sample  $65.00

Christmas Time is Here for Concert Band
Arranged by Karen MacKay. Bring Charlie Brown to your Christmas concert with this simple but beautifully voiced arrangement. The popular Christmas song written by Lee Mendelson and Vince Guaraldi for the 1965 TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas

2 Score Sample Listen $50.00
Herring and Potatoes - Traditional
Arranged by Ron MacKay - a Cape Breton Folk Song  Begins in Cut time - Key F to Key of Ab in 3/4 and then back to Key of F in 4/4 time.
2 Score Sample  $50.00
Highland Cathedral for Pipes and Band
Arranged by Ron MacKay is a popular bagpipe tune written by German musicians Ulrich Roever and Michael Korb. This arrangement can be performed with or without bagpipes. The melody is doubled by the Flute, Euphonium and Alto sax.
2 Score Sample  $65.00
Lukey’s Boat
Arranged by Ron MacKay  This Sea Shanty was collected by Helen Creighton. It was used while the fisherman worked. The shantyman sang lines 1, 3 and 4 and the Sailors sang the refrain lines 2 and 5. This Folk song is found in both Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Lyrics and Vocal Part included.
2 Score Sample  $65.00
I’ll Give My Love an Apple
Arranged by Ron MacKay  This piece has been referred to as Helen Creighton's favourite folksong. She collected it from Dennis Smith of Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia. It is a riddle ballad with a lyrical melody. The selection is good for the development of tone, phrasing and balance. An excellent piece for a quiet change in your concert.
2 Score Sample  $65.00
Popular Tune by Bella Bartok
Arranged by Ron MacKay. A study on Scales - Major/Minor Pentatonic and Modes of the Major scale focusing on Ionian, Dorian, Lydian and Mixolydian using the music of Bella Bartok. Comes with supplementary workout sheets, historical facts and music term definitions. Duration 3:30 
2 Score Sample Listen $60.00
Scene in Iqaluit for Solo Trumpet and Band by Ron MacKay
In April 2002 the Inuksuk High School Band from Iqaluit, Nunavut performed in Halifax, N.S. Ron Mackay adjudicated their performance. Soon after, the Inuksuk High School band was invited to play for her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Iqaluit in October 2002. For the occasion the Iqaluit Music society commissioned Ron MacKay to compose a selection to commemorate the visit of Queen Elizabeth II, in Nunavut on October 4, 2002. This original composition features a trumpet solo and Inuktitut drummers. Celebrate “Canada’s” newest territory.
2    $75.00
Supplementary Studies for Young Band by Ron MacKay
Twenty-four short playing exercises for your band covering all aspects of music playing from Tone, Phrasing, Time signatures, Key signatures, Counting, Scales and Articulations
2 Score Sample  $65.00
The Cherry Tree Carol
Arranged by Ron MacKay  Helen Creighton collected the Cherry Tree Carol from William Riley of Cherrybrook, Nova Scotia. The carol is a song in which the cherry tree brings to light the divinity of the child that Mary has to bear. The simple beauty of this carol allows its performance throughout the year.
2 Score Sample  $55.00
Three Chorals for Band
Arranged by Ron Mackay  Rejoice, Rejoice by J.H Shein, Rousseau - a French Melody, and Now all the Woods are Sleeping. These chorales have been selected to stay within the range boundaries of a student in their second year of playing. They require concentration on tone, intonation and balance.  A good addition to your daily rehearsal warm up routine.
2    $50.00
Utility Pack #1 Anthems
Arranged by Ron MacKay. All your anthems in one package. Includes O Canada, Royal Anthem (God Save The Queen), Star Spangled Banner and The Vice - Regal Salute.
2 Score Sample  $50.00
Astral Overture - By Ron MacKay
Written for the Astral Drive Junior High School Band located in Cole. Strong opening with Brass and cluster chords in the woodwinds. Simple quarter note melody with moving eighth note background from the Trumpets and Saxes then segues into 3/4 Andante with melody with the Flutes. Use of eighth and sixteenth note passages. A Challenging piece for a Junior HIgh Band 
2.5 Score Sample  $60.00

Avondale Overture by Ron MacKay
Begins with a strong opening from the brass section and trills from the woodwinds portraying the Spirit of a great ship being launched to set sail, then to a beautiful melody portraying the calm and vastness of the ocean, slowly building up to a grand ending of the Ships arrival to port.This piece was written for the community of Avondale in Hants County, Nova Scotia which is situated in a small shore off the Avon River. The heart of ship building activity during the 19th century building 165 ships, the industry closed in 1898. In 1997 this small N.S. community built and launched the first ship since that time the named the “Avon Spirit.


Score Sample

Listen $65.00
Bernie’s March - by Ron MacKay
Dedicated to Bernie Burke, Concert Master of the Parrsboro Citizen's Band.  Medium Tempo 6/8 March. Melody includes use of dynamics and strong low brass accompaniment Trio section features a Flute/Piccolo solo. Great addition to any concert.               
2.5 Score Sample Listen $65.00
Billy Ocean Medley
Arranged by Karen Mackay. Selection of Billy Oceans hits arranged for Concert Band can be instrumental and or with vocal Medley includes the songs Promise Me and When the Going Gets Tough, Rhythm section parts provided
2.5    $65.00
Gabriels Oboe by Ennio Morricone
Arranged by Ron MacKay.
The main theme from the movie the Mission this beautiful and emotional rendition of this piece that begins with timpani, to solo oboe with band accompaniment then gradually builds with the trumpets and brass to a dramatic climax. Then back to solo oboe. A wonderful arrangement to feature your Oboist or other instrumentalist in your band as supplementary solo parts are written if lack of Oboist. 
2.5 Score Sample Listen $65.00
In The Bleak Mid-Winter by Gustav Holst
Arranged by Ron Mackay - a beautiful piece arranged for Junior band. This piece was chosen and performed at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago in 2010
2.5 Score Sample  $65.00
Jim for Young Band by Ron MacKay
An easier rendition of the Concert Band version. The simple yet sweet melody is concentrated in the woodwind section as well as the brass section. Still capturing the emotional and moving tribute to friend Jim Hargreaves. In 3/4 time, Key of F Concert, Adagio Expressive
2.5 Score Sample  $65.00
L'arche Hymn - Lord Jesus You Shall be my Song 
Arranged by Ron MacKay.  A beautiful hymn arranged for the L”arche Community in Cape Breton valuing a simple life, authentic relationships and solidarity
2.5    $65.00
Lest We Forget A Remembrance Day Folio
Arranged by Ron Mackay. A complete concert program ready for Remembrance/Memorial Day services. Includes: Anthems, O Canada, God Save The Queen  Hymns - Amazing Grace, Abide With Me, Canadian Armed Forces Marches and WW 1 &2 Songs  and Prayers- In Flounders Fields, The Airman's, Navy Prayers and the The Last Post
2.5 Score Sample  $175.00
Medley Acadienne
Arranged by Ron Mackay -a medley of Traditional Acadienne songs -Apres de Blonde - Lullaby Acadienne-Chevalier de la Table Ronde
2.5 Score Sample  $50.00
Merry Christmas from the Band
Arranged by Ron MacKay  A medley of traditional Christmas carols arranged for Concert Band. Carols include Joy to the World, First Noel, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen ,While Shepherds Watched, We Three Kings, Away in a Manger, Silent Night, Jingle Bells and We Wish you a Merry Christmas. Great ender to your Christmas concert. Can be used as a sing along as well.                 
2.5 Score Sample  $65.00
Panis Angelicus -by Thomas Aquinas
Arranged by Ron MacKay - Latin for Bread of Angels, this hymn is arranged for solo instrument and wind ensemble. 
2.5 Score Sample  $60.00
Sledge Hammer - By Peter Gabriel
A rranged by Karen MacKay. This popular 80‘s tune came popular with it’s unique music video. Song can be performed as a vocal and or instrumental. Comes with full Rhythm section parts. 
2.5    $65.00
Sway - by Pablo Beltran Ruiz
Arranged by Ron MacKay. Popular Spanish Mambo first recorded  by Dean Martin and recently Michael Buble 
2.5 Score Sample  $65.00
Twas the Night Before Christmas for Concert Band
Arranged by Ron MacKay - Bring this classic Christmas story to life with music accompaniment.An entertaining addition to your Holiday Concert. Narrator part included.
2.5 Score Sample  $50.00
Ukrainian Choral and Dance
Arranged by Ron MacKay. Traditional Ukrainian music arranged for the Yorkton and District School Band, Yorkton Saskatchewan, Canada in 2000.  
2.5 Score Sample  $65.00
Vets Sing a Long WW I and II
Arranged by Ron Mackay. Can be performed as an instrumental  Songs Include It’s a Long Way to Tipperary, White Cliffs of Dover, Bless Em All, Pack Up Your Troubles, Lily Marlene, All the Nice Girls Love a Sailor and Roll Along Wavy Navy.
2.5 Score Sample  $65.00
World War I and II Songs 
Arranged by Ron MacKay. A medley of popular war songs that were sung by soldiers during the war for morale and release of stress. Songs include Long Way To Tipperary, White Cliffs of Dover, Bless E’m All and Pack Up your Troubles. Many veterans will remember them.
2.5 Score Sample  $55.00
Yellow Submarine
Arranged by Ron Mackay.  Popular Beatles song arranged in 6/8 March Style  
2.5 Score Sample  $50.00
5 for 3 Trio based on “Take 5” by Dave Brubeck 
Arranged by Ron MacKay.  One of Dave Brubeck most popular songs arranged for  Alto Sax Trio and Band  and Flute Trio and Band
2.5    $50.00

Anne Of Green Gables - Music by Norman Campbell
Arranged by Howard Cable Selections from the Famous Theatre Play “Anne of Green Gables” performed in Prince Edward Island and around the world.

3 Score Sample  $150.00
Annapolis Royal March - by Ron MacKay
A march written for Town  of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. 
3 Score Sample  $65.00
Ave Maria by Franz Schubert for Concert Band arranged by Ron MacKay
Vocal Solo or Instrumental with Melody covered  with Solo fragments for Flute, Oboe, Trumpet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax and Baritone.
3 Score Sample  $50.00
Avon Spirit March - by Ron MacKay
This bright spirited March that takes you out to sea, was written for the “Avon Spirit” a replica schooner of the last square sail top Schooner cargo ship built in Nova Scotia in 1929. The Avon River area in Nova Scotia was one of the great wooden shipbuilding centres in the 19th Century.
3 Score SampleListen $65.00
H.M.C.S Acadia March Past 2006
Arranged by Ron MacKay to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of H.M.C.S. Acadia a cadet training centre in Cornwallis Nova Scotia. Medley of Past war marches Includes Everybody Loves a Sailor Roll Along Wavy Navy and  Heart of Oak, In 6/8, use of Chromatic and sixteenth note passages.  
3 Score Sample  $55.00
Legend  “Megumoowesoo”  - By Ron MacKay 
Based on a First Nation Indian Legend of the Megumoowesoo who played sweet, enchanting music on a six holed flute called a “Peepoogwen” and lived in the forest. Widget “ a young First Nation’s man who was weak and looked down upon the others meets a Megumoowesoo and he too transforms and becomes strong and respected amongst his people. This music tells this story with solo flute and clarinet through out using a six note melody and builds throughout as the young man transforms. Includes narration. 
3 Score Sample  $75.00
Brian Boru’s Patrol
Arranged by Ron MacKay  a traditional Irish Folk song written in Celtic March style in 6/8 time. Features the Flute and Oboe.
3    $60.00
Cape Breton Trilogy
Arranged by Ron MacKay  Includes Cape Breton Dream Girl by Dennis Ryan, Girls of Neil’s Harbour by Sam Moon and Joe Moroze’s by Howie MacDonald.
3 Score Sample  $75.00
Arranged by Ron MacKay. A traditional Irish Folk song arranged for band. 
3    $65.00
Chebucto Waltz - by Ron MacKay 
A beautiful flowing waltz that begins Andante, then accelerates to Allegro Moderato. 
3  Listen $65.00
Clarinet Polka
Arranged by Ron Mackay. Feature your clarinets with this fun yet challenging version of this famous Polka.
3 Score Sample  $55.00
Entrance of the Jaguar - by Ron MacKay
This piece was commissioned by the A.J Smeltzer Junior High School Concert Band of Sackville, Nova Scotia, Meg Ferguson, conductor. It was composed to commemorate the bands performance at MusicFest Canada in Toronto, Ontario in May 2003.
3    $65.00
Fantasy on She’s Like The Swallow
Arranged by Ron MacKay -  A Newfoundland folk song of a large family of songs about unhappy love. Both Maud Karpeles Kenneth Peacock collected it, and its beautiful tune has made it popular with many singers and choirs. This arrangement is a duet feature for Euphonium or Baritone. 
3 Score Sample  $75.00
Jim for Concert Band by Ron MacKay 
This original work for band was composed by Ron MacKay as a memorial to James Hamilton Hargreaves, an outstanding conductor, teacher and musician, a colleague and friend. This beautiful moving piece features the sweet melody being played by the trumpet (Jim ) with the French horn (Ron) accompaniment answering back, a truly moving piece. Written in 3/4 time, Key of F Concert, Adagio Expressive                  
3 Score Sample Listen $85.00
Jim for Wind Ensemble by Ron MacKay 
This piece was written in 2004 in honour of N.S. and educator, Jim Hargreaves. Jim and Ron had been friends and colleagues for many years. Starts out with two brass choirs off facing each other. Solo French Horn and Trumpet answer each other throughout the piece. Written in 3/4 time, Key of F Concert, Adagio Expressive  
3 Score Sample  $85.00
March "New Glasgow" - by Ron MacKay
This march was written for the town of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia for its Centennial Celebrations in 1999. The New Glasgow High School band under the direction of Andrew Alcorn premiered it. The trio of this march contains Three Scottish songs, “Amazing Grace”, “Scottish Soldier” and “You Take the High Road and I’ll Take the Low Road”                  
3    $65.00
MacFidham by Ron Mackay - written for Solo Marimba and Vibraphone with Percussion. Feature the Melodic Percussionists of your band with this challenging piece. Can be performed without band accompaniment. 3 Score Sample  $65.00
March of the Wolves - by Ron MacKay 
This piece was commissioned by the South Colchester Academy Concert Band under the direction of Holly Hartlen.
3 Score Sample  $65.00
Mercer’s March - By Ron MacKay - 3                         
This march was written especially for the” The Second Wind Concert Band”, under the direction of Laura Mercer, Sydney, Nova Scotia. It was composed to commemorate her dedication as a conductor and musician.            
3    $65.00
Northern Lights March by Ron MacKay
A 6/8 march written in the style of Sousa for junior/middle school bands. With fanfare trumpets accompany the melody in the beginning. Chromatic passages through out  for the woodwinds and Brass and strong low brass. The trio features a descant Piccolo solo over the clarinet melody.
3 Score Sample Listen $65.00
O' Canada for Senior Band by Calixa Lavalee
Arranged by Ron MacKay - a more challanging version with with fanfare brass. 
3 Score Sample  $60.00
Remembrance Day Folio for Senior Band
Arranged by Ron MacKay - A complete concert folio ready for Remembrance/Memorial day services, comes with Anthems, O Canada, God Save the Queen, Star Bangled Banner, Hymns - Amazing Grace, Abide With Me, Canadian Armed Forces Marches and WW 1 &2 Songs,  Processional Pomp and Circumstance, Recessional by Ron Mackay, Prayers- In Flounders Fields, The Airman's, Navy Prayer and the The Last Post
3 Score Sample  $250.00
Remembering Vera Lynn
Arranged by Ron MacKay. A medley of popular war songs made famous by Vera Lynn. Songs include White Cliffs of Dover, Lil Marlene, I’ll Be Seeing You and Bless Em All. Can be performed as a Vocal feature as well.
3 Score Sample  $65.00
Serenade & Allegro for Solo Oboe and Wind Ensemble
Arranged by Ron MacKay  Commissioned by the Bedford Junior High Band, a beautiful piece to feature advanced students in your band. May also be performed as a Flute, Alto Sax or French Horn solo.
3 Score Sample  $65.00
Summer Wind by Johnny Mercer/Henry Meyer
Arranged by  Ron MacKay Trombone Solo - Written in 1965 this song is a nostalgic tale of a fleeting romance, a beautiful piece to feature your trombonist, has several key changes.
3 Score Sample  $65.00
The Bridal Rose by C Lavalee
Arranged by Ron MacKay Selections from the operetta the Bridal Rose

Score Sample

The Swan Solo by C. Saint - Saens 
Arranged by Ron MacKay for Solo Cello or Tuba  A beautiful rendition of this song in 6/4 time. 
3 Score Sample  $65.00
Utility Pack #3 Graduation Pack
Two pieces essential for your Graduation Ceremonies, playable with limited instrumentation  Processional: Hope and Glory (Pomp and Circumstance)  arranged by Ron MacKay - Recessional Moderne - by Ron Mackay 
3 Score Sample  $75.00

Annapolis Royal Suite by Ron MacKay. 4 Movements:

3.5    $250.00/4
Movement I  To The New Land
This movement is a musical description of the voyage made by French explorers who came to the new land in the name of France. The beginning captures the excitement of the ship leaving port and encountering the experience of the ground well waves when you are a few miles off land. A calming of the sea and the land disappearing in the horizon follows this. The middle section is the crossing of the Atlantic and of sailors at sea thinking of their loved ones back home. This theme then builds into the sighting of land. As the ship travels through the Bay of Fundy a feeling of mystery is felt, with sounds of whales’. Fragments of “Helen Creighton’s’ folk song “Hills and Glen’s” suggests the Nova Scotia landscape they had seen. As they sail into the Annapolis Basin coming closer to shore, sounds of the Mi’kmaq are in the distance. As the ship drops anchor the music returns to the introductory theme to express the excitement of seeing “The New Land .”
  Score Sample   $85.00
Movement II - L’Ordre de Bon Temps
This movement was the social club proposed by Samuel de Champlain in the winter of 1606-07. The club provided food and entertainment for the men at the French colony of Port Royal. The music captures this event in three short pieces in con-temporized Renaissance style.  Basse Danse represents the presentation of the food; Rondeau Menuett is a folk dance performed during the eating of the meal; and Dance “Bransle” a dance to complete the celebration. 
  Score Sample   $85.00
Movement III  Siege of Fort Anne
This movement is based on the second attack on Fort Anne in September 1744.  The music portrays the tranquil beauty of the land followed by the approach of the French fifes and drums announcing attack. A cannon shot is depicted and the fifes and drums sound the “Retraite”, the order for retreat, and the movement concludes with a grandiose “British Grenadiers” indicating the British were successful in their defence of the Fort.  The tranquillity of the land reappears. 
  Score Sample   $85.00
Movement IV  Celebration 2005 
Musically this movement describes the hustle and bustle of the people in present day Annapolis Royal. A slow descriptive melody describes the Historic Gardens, one of our valued treasures and builds to a grand finale full of celebration.
  Score Sample   $85.00

Cape Breton Idyl - by Ron MacKay
This piece was inspired by the beauty of Cape Breton Island and the art work of Laura Mercer friend and colleague. Written in four movements, each depicting a season on Cape Breton Island. 


Spring   Score Sample Listen $85.00
Summer   Score Sample Listen $85.00
Autumn   Score Sample Listen $85.00
Winter   Score Sample Listen $85.00
Cape Breton Moments
Arranged by Howard Cable. The genesis of “Cape Breton Moments” is true serendipity. Monica McNeil of Caribou Marsh researched the repertoire and selected seven Cape Breton songs to be arranged by Howard Cable. Dedicated to the Nova Scotia Band Association. A solid “Canadian” work for concert band.
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Four Windsor Sketches - by Ron MacKay 
This piece was written to portray the town of Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada. It consists of four movements representative of this  “Little Town of Firsts”.

Movement I - Hockey Day on Long Pond

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Movement II - Tides   Score Sample  
Movement III - Sam Slick   Score Sample  
Movement IV - The Great Fire   Score Sample  
Fantasie for Concert Band by Ron MacKay 
A beautiful piece that is romantic in character and style, expressing a dreamlike mood. Fantasie is marked Adagio, Rubato and Dolente or (plaintively) as if in mourning. The piece is appropriately book-ended by horn solo and euphonium solo.
4 Score Sample Listen $85.00