Special Occasion Music

Music for Remembrance Day Ceremonies, Graduation, Weddings and Special Occasions for Concert Band and Brass Quintet.

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Pomp and Circumstance - Elgar
Arranged by Ron Mackay A simplified version for junior high band of this popular piece that can be easily put together for your Graduation Ceremony. 
1.5 Score Sample $45.00
Utility Pack #2 - Celebration
Arranged by Ron MacKay Familiar songs for celebrations written for young band includes- Happy Birthday, Auld Lang Syne and For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow. Can be played with limited instrumentation
1.5 Score Sample $50.00
Amazing Grace - by John Newton
Arranged by Ron MacKay  A popular hymn that can be used for special occasions such as Remembrance Day ceremonies. Arranged to be performed a number of ways: with full band, as a solo for flute, oboe, trumpet, alto sax or baritone or as a woodwind or brass choir.
2 Score Sample $50.00
Utility Pack #1 Anthems
Arranged by Ron MacKay All your anthems in one package. Includes O Canada, Royal Anthem (God Save The Queen), Star Spangled Banner and The Vice - Regal Salute.
2 Score Sample$55.00
Lest We Forget A Remembrance Day Folio
Arranged by Ron Mackay A complete concert program ready for Remembrance/Memorial Day services. Includes: Anthems, O Canada, God Save The Queen  Hymns - Amazing Grace, Abide With Me, Canadian Armed Forces Marches and WW 1 &2 Songs  and Prayers- In Flounders Fields, The Airman's, Navy Prayers and the The Last Post
2.5 Score Sample $175.00
Vets Sing a Long WW I and II
Arranged by Ron Mackay Can be performed as an instrumental  Songs Include It’s a Long Way to Tipperary, White Cliffs of Dover, Bless Em All, Pack Up Your Troubles, Lily Marlene, All the Nice Girls Love a Sailor and Roll Along Wavy Navy.
2.5 Score Sample $65.00
World War I and II Songs 
Arranged by Ron MacKay A medley of popular war songs that were sung by soldiers during the war for morale and release of stress. Songs include Long Way To Tipperary, White Cliffs of Dover, Bless E’m All and Pack Up your Troubles. Many veterans will remember them.
2.5 Score Sample$55.00
Remembrance Day Folio for Senior Band
Arranged by Ron MacKay - A complete concert folio ready for Remembrance/Memorial day services, comes with Anthems, O Canada, God Save the Queen, Star Bangled Banner, Hymns - Amazing Grace, Abide With Me, Canadian Armed Forces Marches and WW 1 &2 Songs,  Processional Pomp and Circumstance, Recessional by Ron Mackay, Prayers- In Flounders Fields, The Airman's, Navy Prayer and the The Last Post
3 Score Sample $250.00
Remembering Vera Lynn
Arranged by Ron MacKay . A medley of popular war songs made famous by Vera Lynn. Songs include White Cliffs of Dover, Lil Marlene, I’ll Be Seeing You and Bless Em All. Can be performed as a Vocal Feature as well.
3 Score Sample$60.00
Clarinet Polka
Arranged by Ron Mackay Feature your clarinets with this fun yet challenging version of this famous Polka.
3 Score Sample $50.00
H.M.C.S Acadia March Past 2006
Arranged by Ron MacKay to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of H.M.C.S. Acadia a cadet training centre in Cornwallis Nova Scotia. Medley of Past war marches Includes Everybody Loves a Sailor Roll Along Wavy Navy and  Heart of Oak, In 6/8, use of Chromatic and sixteenth note passages.  
3 Score Sample$50.00
Utility Pack #3 Graduation Pack
Two pieces essential for your Graduation Ceremonies, playable with limited instrumentation  Processional: Hope and Glory (Pomp and Circumstance). Arranged by Ron MacKay. Recessional Moderne - by Ron Mackay 
3 Score Sample $75.00


The Isle of Mull by D MacPhail and M MacFarlene
Arranged for Cape Breton Orchestra by Ron MacKay 
3 Score Sample$75.00
Jim for Concert Band with Strings by Ron MacKay 
String arrangement by Scott MacMillan Composed by Ron MacKay as a memorial to James Hamilton Hargreaves, an outstanding conductor, teacher and musician this piece was performed at a Memorial Concert for another outstanding musician, teacher and colleague Jim Faraday. Strings were added to the Concert band arrangement for this occasion.
3  $85.00
Vice Regal Salute for String Quartet
Arranged by Ron MacKay for 2 Violins, Viola and Cello
3 Score Sample$25.00
Brace Face - by Ron MacKay
A supplementary book written to help Brass students learn to play with braces. Features tips and exercises  for Treble and Bass clef 
The Horn Book - by Ron MacKay
A supplementary book to help French horn students from beginner to advanced. Features warm ups, exercises, proper hand position, playing tips and French Horn Care